Furniture Dismantling & Rebuilding

Is there a piece of IKEA flat-pack furniture that we haven’t dismantled or rebuilt? Probably yes, but we HAVE dismantled and rebuild a significant number of IKEA’s furniture catalogue. Wardrobes, bed frames, tables – if it needs dismantling and rebuilding (or if you’ve bought it new for your new house and you just need it building) then we can quote to do the work for you.

We have all our own tools and are excellent at reading and following instructions (#TheFemaleAdvantage). It’s not just the furniture dismantling/rebuilding that we do either, if you need the cardboard packaging removing afterwards, just ask and we can include disposal in the quote, too.

Internal Moves

We have many clients that require internal moves within their homes or offices. Give us a shout and we are more than happy to assist! We don’t always HAVE to use the van….