Here are a list of questions and answers that you might find helpful 🙂

  1. How far do you travel?
    • We are based in South Oxfordshire and so local jobs would be considered within a 1 hour radius. Any jobs which are moving to Oxfordshire or from Oxfordshire would be well within our remit and we will travel UK-wide for this. If you would like to move from Oxford to Scotland then we’re your team! We do lots of work in and around London and so are able to combine smaller moves together to keep costs minimal.
    • Also, we’re super central so if you’re moving London to Bristol or Brighton to Birmingham then we’re halfway between and therefore perfectly placed.
  2. How big a move can you do?
    • This depends on the amount of furniture and belongings that you have. We’re a small team with 1 permanent 3.5t Luton so generally a 2 bedroom flat would be no problem. If you’re downsizing and you own a 5 bedroom house but you aren’t taking much furniture then it’s definitely worth getting in touch.
    • We do have a small network of people who we can call upon for bigger jobs but we strive for a high standard of service and so will tell you if we don’t think we’re the right team for your particular move.
  3. How small a move can you do?
    • We are very happy to complete smaller moves or part-load moves (or even single items of furniture or plants). We try to tie these smaller moves in with other moves to reduce costs for you. The more flexible you are with dates, the better value our quote.
  4. “So, who moves the furniture?”
    • *Puts sunglasses on* … we get asked this ALL the time.
    • If you’re truly wondering, maybe we’re not the right service for you.
  5. What’s the process of booking The Female AdVANtage for a removals?
    • Send us an email or an enquiry (we try to reply within 48 hours but it is just the two of us – if it’s urgent then let us know and we can prioritise your response).
    • We’ll ask you for more information or ask for a video and then we’re able to send you an accurate quote. If your move is a little way off and you’re planning your budget, then we can put together a reasonably rough quote (or price range) to help.
    • We ask for payment up front to secure your date and then arrange timings for your move. We’ll message you in the days leading up to your move and on the day with our ETA. We’re available for questions and queries at any time before your move should anything change.
  6. How much do you cost?
    • This depends on a whole heap of variations – E.g. where you’re moving to and from, what the distance is between locations, what you’re moving, how many flights of stairs are involved etc. etc.
    • We have a 2 person and van rate which is between £65-75 + VAT per hour. This is for smaller jobs rather than full house moves.
    • We can provide you with a rough quote if you give us the basic information of your move 🙂
  7. Do you move straight people?
    • This is a question we do occasionally get since we heavily advertise our inclusivity, particularly of the LGBTQ community. As a part of our inclusive service, we do include straight people within that. As long as your values align with ours, we’re your people!